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Aaron Speiser & Kay Aston present The Screen Acting Studio: your home for acting classes in Los Angeles

Learn the acting process that will sustain a
life-long career in television and film.

How do actors become great? Talent is required, no doubt. But talent with the addition of training takes your natural ability to the next level. It’s what sustains a long and rich career in this industry. It gives you confidence and a consistent, specific process. It’s how you land roles. It’s how you become an artist. Discover the only studio you’ll ever need for acting classes in Los Angeles.

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This is what we do.
The Screen Acting Studio.

Aaron Speiser has been teaching thousands of actors for over 35 years. 

He has mentored some of the biggest names in the business, including Academy Award-winner Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Virginia Madsen, and Gerard Butler. His wisdom from years of work on set and in studio is unparalleled. His partner and protegé, Kay Aston, has decades of experience as an actor and acting coach both on and off set, and has helped many clients book professional work.

Whether you’re trying to break into the business or you’ve been working steadily in Hollywood for years, our screen acting classes in Los Angeles will help you advance your craft, improve your auditions, and lift your talent to the next level.


Our classes are structured and designed to complement the process of professional work on set. Because rehearsals on any television or film set only take place with the director present, we teach a process that does not include rehearsal. Rehearsal is based on theater. We teach you how to prepare as a screen actor, so that you know how to walk on any set, ready to work and collaborate.


For the advanced, professional actor, by application only. This is a deep dive into script, character, human behavior, and psychology. 

Actors prepare scenes from television and film scripts as if they are preparing to shoot them on set. Similar to a professional shoot, no advance rehearsal is allowed, although students may run lines. In this master class, you will learn to create a process that allows you to show up to work fully prepared.


Scene Study applies the techniques of screen acting to scene work. Technique is a prerequisite unless previous training is sufficient. This class is a bridge from technique to practical application. Students will learn and practice a regular process to break down scripts and scenes, work on character, and apply technique.


This class is foundational, teaching the vital elements of screen acting. This is the perfect class for talented actors who are still developing their skills and may not have many credits or experience but are ready to deepen their work. Specifically for screen acting, we teach all of the fundamental techniques that we apply to scene study. 


This acting class will give you the fundamental knowledge to understand the business side of acting: marketing, headshots, reels, casting directors, agents/managers, and relationships. We will practice auditioning in our Los Angeles studio and discuss the casting process.

Develop and refine your acting technique with one-on-one private coaching

One-on-one private coaching, individualized to your specific needs. 

We cover acting technique, audition coaching, self-taping, and career coaching. All in a private setting. 

Begin private coaching with Kay Aston or Aaron Speiser today.

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Elevate your craft; no matter where you’re starting, we can help.

There’s a lot of noise out there—it can get confusing. It’s not about making “interesting choices” or making your work “pop”. It’s about learning a process that leads to truthful, powerful work— over and over again. Our acting classes in Los Angeles teach you that process.

Learn our unique & practical acting

process specifically for screen acting.